Give Google what it wants and you will get to page 1

Google wants content. We are Sydney’s content experts.

As the internet takes centre stage for all media and business marketing , Google, and other search engines, continue to change how we find information and businesses with regular algorithm updates that reward content rich websites.

A search engine isn’t effective if it doesn’t find the best search results. So they work constantly to put themselves one step ahead of those who would draw traffic with no real content on offer.

Back links to pages replete with keywords designed to do nothing but trick a better ranking out of a search engine risk downgrades and suspensions.

Google, and other search engines, have shifted their emphasis to real content that is shared, liked, posted on forums, commented on or tweeted.

Why? Because the online community wants real and relevant content and won’t use a search engine the gives them anything else.

“The bottom line is that all external SEO efforts are counterfeit, other than one:

Writing, designing, recording or videoing real and relevant content that benefits those that search.”

Ken Krogue Forbes magazine July 2012

Advertorials, articles written by ‘spam bots’ and other content generated for search engine rankings, does nothing to engage an audience, and turns them away, risking censure and ranking downgrades for the businesses involved.

The 1minutemedia solution:

We write, design, record and film real and relevant content that engages with clients searching for your business online.

We keep a weather eye on Google, and other search engines, to produce page rankings that last. We meld engaging written content with video and relevant links to external media and blogs so that search engines capture what we do and reward it.

What a difference a video makes!

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We turn static websites into dynamic environments that engage with social media and potential clients. Your visitors meet you and your key staff through ‘profile’ videos and ‘news updates’. Your articles, blogs and interactive content work around the clock building business, trust and bringing in more clients.

Don’t take our word for it.

Watch what Darren Palmer of Channel 9’s THE BLOCK says about 1 Minute Media

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Stand out online with 1minutemedia.

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Kathy Moran

About the author:

“Give Google what it wants and you will get to page 1” was written by Kathy Moran from 1 Minute Media.

Bio: Kathy is a new media entrepreneur and co-founder of 1 Minute Media. Clients of 1 Minute Media use video, business journalism, SEO and Adwords to rapidly gain new clients.

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