5 Reasons to Use Video Marketing in 2021

  March 1, 2019  Written by admin

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What are the 5 main reasons to invest in a video marketing strategy in 2021? 72% prefer video over text when it comes to researching a service or product Smartinsights.com 2019 Possibly the most effective way to test this statistic is to ask yourself if you prefer video over text, or a combination? Have you…

Why The World’s Just Getting Started With Video

  November 28, 2018  Written by Kathy Moran

The Internet is now 78% Video Social Media Video Marketing In 2018 Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram all made major changes to their algorithms. These updates fundamentally changed the way audiences are reached on social media. A major part of that change… is video! Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg predicted “I see video as a megatrend,” and in 2018…