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Video Production St George

Video Production Services in St George

Online promotional videos have been shown to attract more visitors and lead to more sales conversions than any type of written content or images. However, you need to make sure that your corporate videos are of sufficiently high quality if you want to take advantage of this marketing medium, which is where we come in. As the leading video production company in St George, we can produce high-quality marketing videos for your company that will show your products or services in the very best light and encourage potential customers to give you their business. The FAQ below provides answers to some of the questions you may have about our services but please feel free to contact us for further information.

FAQ About Our St George Area Video Production Services

What Type of Marketing Videos Can You Produce?

We have a great deal of experience in the production of all types of promotional, eLearning, testimonial, informational and training videos for corporate customers in St George and the surrounding area. We have also produced numerous live streaming videos for local businesses so if you would like to utilise social media platforms to connect directly with your customer, we can help you to do this in style. Our team consists of highly-experienced video production specialists, along with skilled editors and creative specialists who are dedicated to producing marketing videos of the highest quality, reflecting our customers’ specific requirements. If you are looking for a video production company in St George that can handle all of your marketing video needs, please get in touch with us whenever convenient.

How can our Video Production Services in St George Benefit your Business?

You can find articles explaining the benefits of using our production services in our blog section but in case you don’t have time to read them now, we will summarise the main benefits for you here. Studies have shown that a majority of people (72%) prefer to watch videos rather than read articles when researching the products and services they are interested in purchasing. With the help of our professional videographers in St George, you can take advantage of this fact and showcase your products or services with high-quality videos that engage potential customers. Furthermore, an estimated 64% of consumers go on to buy the products featured in videos they watch, which is a fantastic conversion rate for any type of marketing media. Finally, videos are 1,200% more likely to be shared on social media platforms than written content, which means a professionally-produced video could lead to a huge amount of exposure for your company.

Why Is Now the Right Time to Promote My Company with Video Content?

Marketing videos have always been an effective way to promote products and services to a wider audience but never more so than right now. The widespread adoption of high-bandwidth internet connections in Australia, and indeed across the globe, has made it easy for consumers to consume high-quality video content in volumes that were simply not possible a few years ago. When you consider this fact alongside the increased appetite for video content, you can see why now is a great time to start marketing your business with the help of our professional video production in St George. If you are not sure what type of video content will be most effective for your business, please do not hesitate to call and speak to us about your needs at any time.

How Do Your Production Values Compare to Those on Television?

As you can discover for yourself by taking a look at the customer testimonials we have received, our editors and videographers in St George are capable of producing marketing videos for your company with production values that rival those found on commercial television. We are all skilled professionals who take great pride in the standard of the work we produce daily so you can look forward to receiving first-class videos that reflect very well on your company at the end of the production process. If you have any questions about our video production in St George that have not been answered in this FAQ, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer them.

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