Explainer Video Production Sydney

Explainer Video Production Sydney

You’ve most likely heard about explainer videos and would like to give them a try. Or maybe you made some, but are they not bringing the kind of impact you would like to see for your business. That’s where we come in to help you.

What Is An Explainer Video?

Even before we dive deeper into how we make the best explainer videos, it is best to define an explainer video. Explainer videos, also sometimes called company profile videos, are short marketing videos that promote your business product or services.

Who Needs An Explainer Videos?

If you have some awesome products or services that you want to explain, then these videos are what you need. Businesses often include an explainer video as the main component of their home page or landing pages, this because video is extremely effective to quickly demonstrate the main features of a service or product!

Explainer videos are also good for someone who wants to raise funds. If you want to market your brand and get more people engaged in it, an explainer video will do the trick. All these scenarios and many others are just some of the instances where getting an explainer video is a worthwhile investment for your company or business.

Who Should Produce Your Explainer Video?

You need a highly experienced team that knows what it takes to produce the best explainer videos for you. At 1 Minute Media Sydney, we have a team of experienced explainer video experts to help you. Whether you have an idea already or you need help with the concept and script, we will help you.

What Do We Consider When Making Your Explainer Videos?

At 1 Minute Media, our focus is to make something that will deliver the message to the intended audience, quickly and effectively. So, when making your explainer video, we give priority to the following aspects:

Quality: we make the best videos that are engaging for the audience

Adherence to a clearly outlined process: your concept and script are the foundation of a great video. We follow a clear process to produce the best explainer video for you.

Fair pricing: what you get from us is value for your money

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