Mini-Documentary Video Production Melbourne

Mini-Documentary Video Production Melbourne

A mini-documentary is a great way to present the story of your organisation or business to your community and customers.

A typical mini-documentary shares your business or company’s journey and mission from your foundations as well as your vision for the future.

What Is a Mini-Documentary Video?

A mini-documentary is a short film usually between 2 and 25 minutes and may be presented by your founders, CEO, and staff or using talent or voice artists.

Mini-documentary for your business is an excellent PR and marketing tool that will educate and inform your audience for many years. Our team at 1 Minute Media Melbourne have mastered the art of documentary making and combine decades of experience in the art.

Which Company Makes the Best Mini Documentaries in Melbourne?

1 Minute Media is a leading producer of mini-documentaries and other types of videos you might need for your business or organization. With a highly experienced team and sophisticated technology, 1 Minute Media will make your mini-docs a memorable and stand out experience for your viewers.

We are proud that our services have been of great importance to many businesses. It is easy to discern our videos from the rest. If you do not have one, you need to give it a try. We’re confident our videos will distinguish you from your competitors.

What Does It Take to Make Highly Engaging Mini Documentaries?

Even though they take less time and budget than full documentaries, making a mini-doc is not a walk in the park. There is a lot that one has to consider before, during and even after making their mini-doc videos for their businesses or organizations. At 1 Minute Media, we do the following to make our mini-docs engaging:

  • Script and story board – these are the foundations of every video
  • Experienced directors
  • Appropriate types of animations and motion graphics including infographics
  • Dynamic b-roll footage
  • Access to our libraries of licensed footage and music
  • Excellent editing technology

There’s a great reason our customers confirm we make the best mini-docs: customer satisfaction has been a cornerstone of 1 Minute Media for a decade.
If you need a mini-doc produced in Melbourne, we are the team to hire.

Contact us today and get the best mini-docs for your business or organization.

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