Healthcare & Medical Video Production Sydney

Healthcare & Medical Video Production Sydney

We are experts in medical and health care video production services for government and private healthcare companies and professionals. We produce successful videos for our clients that are used for presentations ranging from potential patients and your staff to corporate boards, or investors.

1 Minute Media is the leading video production supplier for the medical and health industries for training and education videos both for your staff and for the general public.

Consider the enormous benefits including savings in both cost and time for your medical training modules to be presented online instead of resourcing live training.

We seamlessly take your initial concept from storyboard to scripting, editing to final production.

What is healthcare marketing?

Healthcare advertising and marketing involves using various forms of media to promote your practice. At 1 Minute Media, we specialise in producing medical videos. Our approach to marketing includes making videos about your practice, interviews with clinicians, procedure videos, and more. Our creative team enjoys taking a fresh approach to medical marketing. By choosing us, you can increase patient engagement and help your practice thrive.

How are medical clips useful?

You can use medical clips and health videos in a variety of ways. For example, if you want to position yourself as an expert, you can create a medical education video. If you’re targeting students or someone in your field, medical lecture videos highlight your academic pursuits and can contribute towards your portfolio. Alternatively, if you want to endear yourself to patients, you can use medical education videos to answer pertinent questions. By adding them to your site and using them across social media, you make yourself more approachable, which increases the likelihood of patients choosing you over your competitors.

What is a medical procedure video?

As the name suggests, a medical procedure video involves making a video of a procedure you’re carrying out. You may want to do this to demonstrate your proficiency in a particular area. Or, you might use a medical surgery video to document a landmark case. Regardless of your motivations, you probably know that recording a procedure from start to finish isn’t likely to be engaging. At 1 Minute Media, we can edit your videos so that they have the desired result. For a better understanding of our work, read through our testimonials.

If you’d like to learn more about the work we do, check out our blog. Our medical video clips are designed to give your practice a fresh face. To ask questions about what we do, contact us. We assist medical practices throughout Sydney and other major Australian cities.


Points to Ponder When Choosing a healthcare Videographer

At 1 Minute Media, we love to encourage content creation in this exciting global market. Here are some things to think about when deciding on the best healthcare video production partner for you.

Do They Have a Proven Track Record?

Healthcare video services are commonplace in Sydney with videographers claiming to offer the best of quality. But this may not be the case.

Do your research. Take the time to look at customer reviews, and really pay attention to what made these customers happy. Also, take a look at the type of work the professional has done. People who watch healthcare videos have certain expectations. If the company does mainly industrial videos, they may not know how to capture the right tone and look, for example.

Do They Love Content Creation or Is It Just a J-O-B?

When you partner up with people who love what they do – and what they are doing for you – this will show in the finished product. It will be important for them to use the best technology and systems, and to come up with a fresh, innovative way to present your brand.

Making you stand out will be a point of pride for them. One way you can tell if they are truly “into” what they do is to see if they go above and beyond to inform and encourage good content creation. Take a look at their blogs and articles and see if they give out useful information.

Do They Take the Time to Get to Know You?

In order to make your healthcare video shine – and for it to be a successful way to educate the general public – they really need to “get” your profession. The best videos really let the viewers see what makes you special. For that to come through in the content, they really need to understand what that is.

Any other questions? Want to know more about us or how we’d approach your healthcare videos? We’d love to hear from you! Give us a call or contact us online today!

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