Glossary Section D: Post-Production

Glossary Section D: Post-Production

Post-production is the phase where we bring all the creative elements together. Broadly this includes:

  1. The visuals – editing of footage, and/or animating of artwork; along with titles and any other graphics
  2. The audio, including voiceovers, interview recording, music tracks and sound effects
  3. Proofing the videos – at 1 Minute Media we usually allow for 2 sets of proofing of our clients main videos in our standard packages and quotes.

Raw footage is all the footage taken at a shoot, before it’s cut-down to best takes, and before colour and sound correction.

Selection of best takes:
Our team usually film several takes of each scene. For example, during most interviews our rule is fewer questions (eg 3-5 questions for a 1-2 minute interview video) and more takes – say 3 takes each question.

Who decides the best takes:
When our editors have a clear script to follow, they generally choose the best takes.
However, if there isn’t a clear script ahead of a shoot, such as “vox pop” interviews filmed at events, the editors might need assistance from our Creative Director to choose the best takes.
Sometimes, when footage is complicated or specific we invite our clients to assist us to choose their best takes.

NB: best-takes refers to interviews and to b-roll footage.

Once you’ve been able to view a number of our video samples you will start to recognise some of our most popular editing techniques. These include:

  • Jump-cuts – these are used to add interest by jumping forward or backwards, mostly used in interview videos.
  • Transitions – these are used to change from scene to scene smoothly and include styles such as fade to black, cross dissolve and occassionally more dramatic transitions
  • Cutaways – this is what it sounds to be – cutting away from say a speaker, to something they’re referring to
  • B-roll – this is another name for cutaways
  • Stock footage cutaway (b-roll) – when possible we use “b-roll” footage filmed by our crew onsite.
    However, if there is not time or no suitable b-roll, we offer suitable stock footage from our subscription sites when relevant. This is to enhance the message
  • Animated titles and icons – we always try to edit with dynamic titles and add small icon animations, to finish our clients videos with a polished look. 

Audio can be categorised as follows:

  • The audio recorded by our videographers 
  • Sound tracks – our favourite subscription site is we can choose the music from here or the client can choose
  • Voice over – per the production phase information – our favourite supplier is “Abes Audio” in Australia 
  • Sound effects – leave this to our editors, when they get a chance they love to put in a few sound effects if they can (remember we mainly work with corporations, so we can’t be too creative eg not too many dog barking foley’s etc)