Product Video Production Brisbane

Product Video Production Brisbane

Do you need to sell more of your products? 1 Minute Media Product Videos are the solution

At 1 Minute Media we love the quote that “1 Minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” This quote comes from Dr James McQuivey, a world renowned expert in crunching marketing numbers.

Given the value of video to connect to an audience just imagine the value of video in sales.

In 2017 online video has come of age. The effect in marketing is no more apparent than the effect that video has on sales of products.

Consider this:

How many more times likely are you to buy a product after viewing a video?

If you are like the rest of the population you are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to go ahead on a purchase after viewing a product video.

64 – 85% more likely to purchase!

Inevitably your product video will boost your sales.

So, why are we waiting?

1 Minute Media specialises in equipping businesses with product videos that boost your sales.

Whether you have a single product or need a series of product videos we will make a video package to boost your sales.

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