What types of videos should businesses use to grow their market share?

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Video is the fastest growing marketing tool in history. This is because business video is the most effective way to convey vital company and product information.

So what types of video should businesses use to grow their market share?

  1. Company Profile Videos

    Visitors to your website now expect to meet you. As discussed in Chapter 1 video dramatically increases the “Know, Like and Trust” factors more than any other marketing medium. Having a video which showcases your work, your case studies and the benefits that you can offer to your prospective clients is the first and today most essential ingredient in any business marketing program. In 2014 you really can’t afford not to have this marketing foundation working for you 24/7

  2. How to Videos

    These are unbelievably effective videos.

    A series of short “How To” Videos will take the viewer into the very heart of your business service or product.

    If you are a Law Firm, for example, your series of videos will demonstrate in succinct language, the benefit of the various services you offer. Your series may be entitled:

“Give yourself the best opportunity to win your case every time!”

  • Each video will highlight an aspect of the business that you specialise in:
  • How to Navigate the Family Law Courts
  • How to select the right Industrial Lawyer

Instead of one massive (boring) video, these “How to videos” are designed to engage the viewer at their interest level. If they are in need of a Family Lawyer don’t bore them with unnecessary details about why you are the best Conveyance Lawyer.

Marketing in 2014 is all about “WIFM” – What’s In It For Me? Ie the viewer.These videos are all about giving extremely valuable information to the viewer, while at the same time demonstrating YOUR expertise. Don’t say “We’re the best!” Show them that you are the best and they WILL do business with you.

  1. Product Videos

Did you know that online viewers of Product videos are 64 – 85% more likely to purchase than those who visit sites without Product Videos?

Product Video is simply an essential marketing item today.Again, consider yourself as the consumer. Have you ever purchased a product after viewing a video? Did you bother to shop around or did you just get your credit card out and order? Your consumers are no different.

As you are probably already aware retail stores are suffering massive losses due to people shopping online. Your online Product Video replaces the in-store browsing experience. Remember, consumers need to engage emotionally to make a purchase. Online video is all about emotional engagement.

  1. E-newsletter Videos

    Many companies spend enormous amounts of time and money drawing consumers to their product or service but never make meaningful contact again. Not every consumer is ready to buy or select their service provider immediately. Depending on your product or service, many of your customers will start their research months ahead of actually making a purchase.

At 1 Minute Media we recommend adding a brief video to your e-newsletters to create meaningful, value-add contact with prospects every month (or week/or quarterly depending on your business).

In fact we have developed a content structure for this video that will have your database looking forward to the arrival of your video every month!

“Wow! Our office could not believe the increase in click through rate of our e-newsletters when we started using the monthly video report” E2, Design Studio

It simply can’t be stated enough how this will keep you on the prospects shopping list as the preferred, expert business. Since time is money, the small investment that you put into this will be returned in spades!

  1. Testimonial Videos

“Every listing appointment I go to, I get, because of the video testimonials you created for me. When I watch that video testimonial, it gives me goosebumps!” Richard Movsessian, Century 21 Coastline Properties

Did you read that correctly? Every listing appointment I go to, I get! In the world of real estate, listings are king. Gaining real estate listings is therefore a fiercely competitive field. How does an agent, or any professional operating in a competitive industry stand out? Video is the solution.

When you choose a business to work with, are you influenced by testimonials and case-studies? Do you want to review the evidence of the company you are considering engaging? In the Information Age your prospects no longer listen to the crowd of agents saying “Choose me, I’m the best” They listen instantly, though, if someone else says it for you.

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