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Why do law firms need websites with video in 2014?

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The Role That Trust Plays In Legal Client Relationships Cannot Be Underestimated

Client referrals as word of mouth recommendations are what most legal professionals believe to be their best source of new clients.

The notion is caught up in the importance trust plays in the service a lawyer provides to a client and in the relationships people maintain through their business connections.

Human beings, it is patently clear, don’t trust advertising with anything near the level of reliance they put into recommendations from other people, particularly those they know and trust 1.

With that in mind, what’s the first thing a potential client is going to do when they’re given your name as a recommendation?

Since we all know the answer to that question, we should move on and ask: how good is your website and how well does it introduce your firm and the work you do?

Simple, Brief Video Introductions Build Trust In A Way No Other Medium Can Do

Most of us are reasonably happy with the design of our websites 1. If a referral Googles your name, or your firm’s name, they are most likely to land on a site that has pictures of you and other solicitors, a brief description of your areas of practice and expertise and a list of bulletin articles on legal matters of note and some links to any media commentary you’ve done.

The last of those – bulletin articles and media commentary – are likely to be new innovations your firm has taken up as the importance of interacting with your current clients, the broader public and potential clients has been recognised as more valuable.

Everything about websites, as they have changed from being simple billboards on the internet to sites that interact with clients and referrals to generate business, is now – or should now – be directed at offering anyone who visits an experience of understanding who you are and what you do that is as close to sitting down and talking with you as a website can deliver.

That’s why you need video.

Sure, major tenders for client work are worked out through a process of submitting capabilities and references, but it’s in the visual medium, where most of the information about a person is communicated, that opinions on you are decided on 2.

No matter what you tell a potential client about how well you perform, they are going to make a decision on whether or not they believe you, based on information they have sourced from other people, and on what they think of you as they watch you talking.

This evaluation is going to happen anyway, so why not move things on quickly by uploading a video that shows your referrals that you know what they are looking for. Turn the still photographs on your website into talking portraits.

There was a time when this sort of exposure was only available to organisations that had the funds to pay thousands of dollars a minute on television. Now, because the production costs of scripting, filming and editing a video of solicitors in your firm have dropped enormously, everyone can post the most compelling of presentations.

In the last financial year, all of Australia’s top ten law firms failed to increase their revenue 4. And this increase in competition has forced many to provide alternative fee arrangements 5. In this environment, redirecting marketing funds from hard copy print publications to website video, might be the best move you can make.


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