The Top 10 Reasons why Sydney Real Estate Agents should use Video in 2013

Agents using Video in their Marketing are getting more Listings!

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Video dramatically increases the Know, Like and Trust factors – for an owner to list a property with you, they must know, like and trust you. There simply is no other advertising medium which achieves this as rapidly and effectively as video. DL cards, photos online, text online, letters and other traditional media simply do not achieve these factors.Have you ever spotted a celebrity in the street and wanted to shake their hand? Why? Because you feel an instant affinity, that you know, like and trust this person, even though you have never met them.
  2. You gain instant credibility over your competitors by using video to become “famous”As above, if you use video to present yourself you immediately move up in the viewers opinion. They remember you, respect you, and feel they know, like and trust you – the perfect formula for doing business with you!
  3. Visitors to websites with video are 64% more likely to purchase products (Cisco Research)
    This statistic speaks for itself. Text bores. Video sells.
  4. Massive response rates for your email newsletters!
    Did you know that enewsletters with video – achieve 30% clickthru; those without video average 1% clickthru.
    The importance of this statistic can’t be stated enough. If you have spent your time on listing presentations but find it hard (and sometimes intrusive and unwelcomed) to keep up with your pipeline sellers, a simple, brief, professional video is the answer. Get in front of your prospects every month with a value add video delivered via your e-newsletter.
  5. 1 minute of video is equivalent to 1.8million words (Dr James McQuivey, Forrester Research). In the information age, too many words are coming at people. Your audience will find it a great and welcome relief to hear your expertise via your videos.
  6. Internet video accounts for over 50% of web traffic in 2012.
    Your potential clients love video!
  7. Video gives you worldwide web presence 24/7
    Do you ever do your research at 10pm on Tuesday or 4pm on Sunday? So do your prospects!
    They seldom want your phone call when you choose to call them. On the other hand they are quite happy to research your message in their own time.
  8. Get found on the internet: Google loves YouTube; that’s why they bought it. Your SEO will increase dramatically due to having a presence on YouTube.
  9. Visitors to websites with video stay, on average for 6 minutes; visitors to websites without video stay, on average for only 1 minute – often you have only one shot when prospects are researching.
  10. Video brings your social media to life!

1 Minute Media specialises in CREATING EFFECTIVE, PROFESSIONAL VIDEO, designed to drive traffic, leads and sales to your business.

Contact Kathy Moran on 0402-449-393 to find out how you can grow your market share using video!

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