The Rise and Fall of the Agent Rock Star Video

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you know the ones?

You know the type of video where the real estate agent fancies him or herself as a bit of a Mick Jagger or Madonna?

The opening scene is showing us their car, looking elsewhere while the recorded narration speaks endlessly about “me, me, me.” Or the agent is seen clowning around jumping in a pool or playing cricket?

Yes, you know the videos.

We acknowledge that some of these videos are professionally filmed and can be very entertaining but there is just one little problem. It’s all about….ME. Yes, your friends, family and other agents may applaud you for being entertaining but……

And this little factor, as it turns out, is not a little factor when it comes to effective marketing.

Your future client, just like you when you are a consumer, is only interested in…themselves.


Your future client simply wants to know what you can do for them. Why would they choose you instead of the next agent in the queue for their business?

Put yourself in the clients seat for a moment. Imagine that you have an issue in front of the Office of Fair Trading and you need a lawyer. Would you choose a lawyer after viewing a video of them jumping in the pool? Wouldn’t you want to go past all of this personality information and straight to the point: how can this lawyer help me? Is this the best lawyer to represent me?


You have to be using video in 2014…and effective, professional video can be  easy 

Most of your clients are now expecting to see video included on your website, email signatures and industry websites, such as domain and realestate. Why? Video brings so much more life to a topic than text and images alone and as a result can bring you many steps closer to doing business with new vendors and landlords.

However, not all videos have equal marketing value.

Your videos should reflect your listing appointment message

Put it this way. When you arrive for a listing appointment do you break out your electric guitar? Do you jump into the would-be vendor’s pool?

If there is one rock group that you should take your message from it is KISS – or Keep It Simple, Stupid!

1 Minute Media are specialists in producing videos that your future clients want to watch. The message is about them, not you! What can you offer them? And the good news is that this honesty in the subject means that the video production process is actually very simple.

The 1 Minute Agent Interview Solution

1 Minute Agent Interview Videos

We prefer that you think of your video, not as YOUR profile, but as an interview, just like a listing appointment. As a successful agent you have surely perfected your “elevator pitch.” This is what you offer in a succinct sentence or two, that makes you stand out from the crowd. It’s your point of difference, it’s what you can do for the owner. Do you use a system to attract more buyers/tenants that no other agent uses? Have you clearly sold more property in your specialty suburb than anyone else? Will a past vendor make a great statement on your behalf to the camera?

What if you have several points of difference?

Simple – let’s do several 1 Minute Videos. Example topics could include:

  • 1 Minute Advantages of listing with (your name)

  • 1 Minute strategy for a better price

  • 1 Minute Market Reviews

  • 1 Minute Property Videos

  • 1 Minute past client testimonial

  • Better still, do several 1 Minute client testimonial videos – these are phenomenal for converting would be clients

It just isn’t necessary to be spending thousands on videos that miss the point. Vendors want simplicity and honesty, just like in a listing appointment. Click the following for examples and to place your order today:

1 Minute Agent Marketing Videos

Why 1 Minute?

1 Minute is the proven attention span of a promotional video audience. Even if you do fancy yourself a bit of a Tom Cruise or Cate Blanchett, your audience knows that this is a promo not a box office hit.

Why 1 Minute Media?

  • We are the only video production company for real estate that is run by a former highly successful real estate agent

  • We combine detailed knowledge of the real estate industry with the highest visual quality available to the market

  • There’s no need to memorise your script. We provide a teleprompter for your 1 minute recording to make the process fast and efficient for you

  • If you need help to reduce your “elevator pitch” to 1 Minute we have professional script writers on-hand to help
    Click here to view samples



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Post by Kathy Moran – Founder and Director of 1 Minute Media 

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