Mini Documentaries Production Sydney

Mini Documentaries Production Sydney

One great way to share your story as an individual, a business, or a company is through a mini-documentary. It serves the purpose well, replacing brochures and journals, in an age where people prefer to watch video online.

A well made mini-documentary is the best way to pass an important message of your core values to your clients and community. A common way in which mini-docs are used in businesses is when communicating a mission or short story about the business journey and it’s people.

Mini-documentaries are also referred to as a short film, short form film, or simply mini-docs.

What’s a Mini-Documentary?

A mini-documentary is a short video usually between 2 to 30 minutes that documents the reality of people or events to educate your audience. Compared to a feature-length video, a mini-documentary is succinct and generally focused on one main aspect of the story.

While they are short, making mini-documentaries is an art form requiring experience and cinematic skills to be effective. As a resource for businesses and organizations, however, they are immensely valuable and worth the time.

How We Help You Develop and Effectively Use a Mini-Documentary?

At 1 Minute Media, we are a team of highly experienced professionals and have been creating mini-documentaries for government, NFP’s and NGO’s as well as private organisations for over a decade.

Our mini-docs highlight an organization’s core value or mission statement using real-life examples. Our mini-docs follow the format of a feature length documentary, but tell a simpler story in a shorter form. At 1 Minute Media we are experts at brevity and making a lasting impression.

We partner footage of your business in action with interviews of key employees, founders, or satisfied customers. We highlight your company’s culture, core competencies, key values, and unique strengths. By using real people to tell your company’s story, we build trust with your customers.

A good mini-documentary is a fantastic way to get your story or message across.

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