Sydney Law Firms are using SEO to gain new clients

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Why aren’t more Sydney Law firms

capitalising on the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation, ie SEO?

Many Law Firms will tell you that they rely on word of mouth referrals when it comes to building new business.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with “word of mouth”, in fact referrals can be the best form of new business, as the trust factor is already very high, and thus the relationship quality also very high.

What do Law Firms do when they want to expand their business base?

Law Firms have long relied on a combination of traditional media, including radio, TV and newspaper advertising to source new clients.

It is now generally accepted that most people, including business executives as well as “Mum’s and Dad’s” do their research, when seeking any service, including legal services, online.

So why aren’t more Law Firms

capitalising on cost effective online marketing methods?

Early in 2014, a 1 Minute Media representative interviewed a leading Sydney Law firm, that is indeed using cost effective online marketing. We asked the marketing manager to explain the key benefits that they are experiencing.

They reported that for Law firms, SEO in combination with an Adwords programme, is a very good value proposition. As a personal injury firm, a single case can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the firm.

The SEO campaign for this client is based around the use of “key words” that a potential client will be researching online.

“Car accident Lawyer” is an example of a key word that potential clients will type into Google. The firm’s marketing team then set about preparing articles for the firm’s website containing stories about what a person in a car accident can expect from the case.

This is combined with SEO “link building” which increases the prominence of the firm’s website in relation to the key words, including the example, “car accident Lawyer.”

This works well, because if a person Googles the firm and gets to the site and there’s nothing there about the issue they’re searching for they drop off. Every time someone contacts the firm, they ask them where it was that they found them and he said that a lot of the phone enquiries are from people who have searched on the internet.

He said, also, that he has noticed that, over the five years that they have been doing this, the age of people using the net has climbed. In the early days it was 20 to 40 year olds, but, now, it’s 40 to 60 year olds.

This Sydney-based case study is a reflection of the broader business trend, globally, for improved online advertising and presence.

How can 1 Minute Media

help you to gain new clients from the internet?

At 1 Minute Media we use authentic content in combination with SEO link building practices. Our strategy is two fold:

  1. Our SEO strategies position you prominently on Google. Your potential clients find you on Google and click through to your website.
  2. Once on your website the content we design for you creates higher engagement. Our content is designed for a human audience: our videos and articles build trust.

The “brochure” style website concept of circa 1998 has been replaced by websites that are a hub of news and interactivity.

The ingredients of videos and news articles as a part of your SEO and website are essential today. Whether you are a Law firm whose client base is the individual or the Corporate CEO, you will not impress your potential clients if you do not engage them with up to date information and technology.

1 Minute Media specialise in SEO strategies that give you great results now as well as building your online footprint for the future. Contact 1 Minute Media for a quote or a free 30 minute consultation on 1300 905 205.

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