SEO Case Study – Sydney Real Estate Agents

Why is it vital to be on Page 1?

Richard Movsessian knows how important a front page ranking from Google is for real estate agents.

“People use Google to find agents all the time now,

because it’s the easiest way to find what they’re looking for,” he says.

And he’s right, since 2006, the internet has overtaken all other forms of media as the main source for information and advertising. But, according to Richard, understanding how Google ranks a website, and getting the best of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), means you have to try everything.

The problem with keywords, he says, is that everyone uses the same ones. So you’ve got to use them and try everything else you can to stay ahead of the game.

And he should know, because he’s been a real estate agent for 20 years. When Richard started out, it was all about taking photographs with film that had to be processed before it could be used to post as an ad in the local paper.

When the internet arrived, back in the mid 1990s, Richard was sending photographs to Queensland to the only company in the country that could load them on the web for him.

“I guess I’ve always tried to be at the cutting edge,” he says, “there is a lot of value in being one step ahead.”

In his time as an agent, Richard has sold more than 750 properties. He likes to deal with all aspects of buying, selling and leasing in the commercial and residential markets. And he’s won over 67 awards and recognitions in the real estate industry, operating previously through Century 21 Coastline Properties and now through his own agency, Coastline Agency.

“We’re a boutique agency for the Coast,” he says, “so we have to try everything we can to compete against the bigger operations.”

And competing is something he does extremely well because he’s always strived to be one step ahead in his approach to marketing. In 2006, Richard was the first agent to make use of a phone app. Among other things, it linked to his website and even had a home loan calculator.

“Nowadays”, Richard says, “getting a high ranking on Google and coming out on page one is the main game. And he believes that finding ways to beat your opposition to the top ranking is a mysterious art because of the way Google keeps its algorithm a secret and is constantly changing the way it conducts its searches.

It’s not just one thing that’ll do it for you”, he says, “keywords are important but so is social media. I didn’t think all that much of Facebook, at the start to be honest, but we’ve seen a lot of interest come from social media. We don’t overdo it, but it is working for us”.

Richard also makes use of Twitter to announce listing with a photo. “But it’s never just a simple one thing that gets you there. We are constantly changing the way we operate. People need to remember that, when it comes to search engine optimisation, what is special today can be standard tomorrow”.

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