Planning your Corporate Video Production

Company Video Production

Turning up to commence your video production without a little pre-production planning would be like Alfred Hitchcock turning up to the set of Psycho without a script!

Are you considering launching a corporate video marketing program to enhance your business communication?

Congratulations – video marketing is a must for businesses to succeed in 2022.

So, you’re going to utilise video and you’re going to call in a professional production team to work with.

Congratulations again. Now, what do you need to consider to get started?

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At 1 Minute Media We Are Firm Believers In Preparation. The Success Of A Video Or Series Of Videos Is Largely Due To The Planning Process Which Occurs Prior To Actual Filming.

Sometimes our clients ask if they can “just wing it.” This seems a reasonable request based on the fact that as a business owner you are the one who knows your business best. However, put even the most articulate business owners in front of a camera and suddenly they have forgotten how to differentiate themselves from their competition. Suddenly they start to sweat and forget what they were here for.

It doesn’t have to be this difficult. In fact it doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

The following questionnaire will help you to scope out all of the detail of your corporate video, prior to the cameras rolling. By considering all of these questions you will not only be ready, but you will achieve an optimum result from your video production.

Scoping Your Video Production

Part A: Why Would You Like To Get A Video Produced?

1. Why do you want a video?

– Promote my company

– Promote one of our products

– Other reason:………………..

2. Where would you like the video displayed:

– Company website

– Company YouTube channel

– Other social media: Company Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc

3. Who is the target audience?

– Mostly male

– Mostly female

– Equally Male & Female

– Sydney only

– All of Australia

– Worldwide

– Age bracket:

– Other specific target market (eg Sydney-siders who drive European cars)

4. What action would you like the viewer to take?

– Understand my business better

– Call me to make an appointment

– Purchase my product

– Other (eg book in to our course)

5. What type of video do you want?

– Company Profile

– Testimonial from one of my clients

– Product Video

a) Product Information

b) “How to use” this Product

– Other: please specify:

Part B: Identify The Deliverables Required:

1. Video length

– 30 seconds

– 1minute

– 1.5 minutes

– 2 minutes

– 2.5 minutes

– 3 minutes

– Other:

2. Video format

– Uploaded to YouTube

– MP4 File for your records

– Uploaded to website – via YouTube

– DVD: how many copies?

– Other

Part C: The Plan

1. 1 Minute Media will provide you with a Creative Brief template for your video

2. Who will write the script:

– We would like to engage the 1 Minute Media Script Writer

– We will engage our own Script Writer

– We have a confident writer in our Company

NB: Scripts must be delivered to 1 Minute Media 24 hours ahead of scheduled filming

3. Where would you like the Film location to be:

– Onsite at clients workplace

– Metro Studios Paddington

– Offsite location

– More than standard 1 or 2 locations required?

How many locations?

Out of Sydney Metropolitan Area?

4. How many Filming days required:

– Standard same day shoot

– More than one day shoot required

5. What Film Setting/extras do you require:

NB: Standard 1 Minute Media kit includes: Canon C200 cameras (or similar), 3 point LED light kit, indoor Directional Mic, outdoor Seinheiser Lapel Microphone, Teleprompter

Extras (additional cost):

– Extra Camera and Operator: C200 camera (or similar), and/or specialist camera eg Go Pro

– Extra Lighting and Operator

– Extra Sound Equipment and Operator: eg boom for quality outdoor recording

– Make-up artist

– Hair artist

– Professional Presenter/Talent

– Other: please specify

6. Who will Present to the camera?

1 Minute Media recommends that you consider engaging a professional presenter or use a Voice-Over artist in the following situations:

a) Your company does have one or more employee(s) who are very confident presenting to the screen

b) Your company does not have one or more employee(s) who are very confident presenting to the screen

c) Your video is a product video – audiences expect professional presentation of product videos.

d) You would like your video to be more than 1.5mins – this is because it is very difficult to retain audience retention beyond this length without a professional presenter

With the above considered please let us know who will present:

– Company Representative

– Professional Presenter/Talent

– No Presenter but Voice-Over audio required

– No presenter, No Voice-Over, No Music

7. Where will the presenter be positioned?

If using a Company Member or Professional Presenter, how would you like them to be positioned?

– Onsite Visual Appeal: consider a visually appealing space:

*foyer, boardroom, office, showroom with good visual appeal?

* OR is there a space with a clean white background?

IMPORTANT: if no to both of these you may need to consider hiring our Green Screen or Studio Premises

– Onsite “Quiet on the set” – are you able to create a quiet office situation during office hours or will you need to film out of office hours?

8. What will the Presenter do?

– Stand

– Sit

– Demonstrate a product

– Pretend to demonstrate a product or visual (for Green Screening only)

9. What other Visuals would you like our Camera Operator to record?

– Onsite visuals – please name these: eg company signs, decor, specific items

– Local area/setting

– Other?

Part C: What Editing Resources Do You Require?

1 Minute Media will work with Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro editing suites – titles, effects as per this editing suite

1. Extra graphics to be supplied by a) client or b) 1 Minute Media graphics department

2. Motion graphics and animations to be supplied by 1 Minute Media

3. Music: from 1 Minute Media library or supplied by client

4. Client to supply Logo, font details. Our team will animate your logo!

Part D: What Time Frame Do You Require For The Delivery Of Your First Proof?

1. Standard 5 – 10 working days for first proof

2. We need to Fast Track the turnaround – please specify the time-frame required:

Part E: Do You Have Any Specific Proofing Requirements?

1 Minute Media Standard is: First draft in low resolution format via Yousendit file share; Client has standard amendment allowance of one set of amendments;

1. We will require extra proofing (at cost) as we would like to see the video updates as we proof it

2. We have other proofing requirements. Please specify:

Part F: Pricing And Payment

1. 50% Payment upfront and 50% upon approval, prior to delivery of high res format.

2. Visa Payment Preferred

3. Other Requirement?

Let’s Get Started!

If you have made it this far in your corporate video production preparation then you are probably very serious about taking advantage of the huge benefits of a video marketing campaign!

It’s time to get the camera rolling!

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Bio: As a co-founder of 1 Minute Media, Kathy has been instrumental in producing thousands of strategic videos for Australian businesses.

She has a unique background in education, service & sales, adding depth to everyone seeking to promote their business or organisation through video.