Multiply Yourself with Video Marketing

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Do you ever wish you could replicate yourself so that you could get more done in your business?

Michael Keaton did this in the 1996 comedy, Multiplicity – View a clip of one of the best scenes below to see for yourself.

Keaton’s character cloned himself so that he could make more money while also spending more quality time with his family. His clones eventually wreaked a bit of havoc and made life pretty challenging for him, though.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this hard. Instead of dealing with the difficulties of cloning yourself, you can use video marketing to be everywhere, all the time.

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Benefits of Multiplying Yourself with Video Marketing

You might not be able to literally clone yourself, but you can be in multiple places at once (figuratively, of course) with the help of video marketing. Discussed below are some of the most noteworthy benefits regular video production has to offer:

Benefit 1: Be Everywhere All the Time

Do you have a service-based business? If you do, you could make twice as much money if there were two of you to phone, follow up, meet with, email, and generally stay in touch with your clients.

Two of you could keep up with twice as many clients to create twice the business.

Do you sell a product? If you do, chances are that you would like to be able to present twice as many product demonstrations? It follows that if you could do more demonstrations, that you would sell more product.

Video is the marketing tool that will allow you to duplicate yourself! Product videos multiply product sales. Training videos multiply training efficiency. It’s as simple as that.

While you are on the phone with one client, your company’s promotional video can be opened by several other potential clients (or several hundreds of others) who have just received your video e-newsletter.

You might not physically be in multiple places, but your business’s presence will be when you invest in video production. This, in turn, can help you to make a better impression on more people in a shorter period of time.

Benefit 2: Get Facetime with More Potential Clients

Magic happens in business when you get to be face-to-face with potential clients. It’s not always practical or possible, though, especially when you’re running a global business and your target audience is located all over the world.

If you can’t literally be face-to-face with potential clients, the second best thing is to “meet” them via video.

By sharing highly personalized, high-quality videos online, you can still introduce people to your company and get them interested in what you have to offer. You can even take them behind the scenes and provide a more in-depth look into what you do and how you can help them.

Benefit 3: Build More Trust

If you bumped into a celebrity in the street, would you say hello?

Even though the celebrity doesn’t know you, you instantly feel you are friends. Your impulse is probably to say “hi” before you realise that he/she doesn’t know you.

You might even feel that you know them, and you may feel that you like and trust them as well. There’s a very high chance that you would do business with them, too, if you were given the chance.

By creating and sharing professional-level videos, you can become a mini-celebrity to your target audience.

They will feel that they know you and trust you because they’ve learned so much about your company and what you’re all about. They may even be more inclined to do business with you.

Benefit 4: Increase Sales

This benefit, alone, is sufficient enough for a lot of people to invest in video marketing. Remember, 64 per cent of people are more likely to purchase after viewing a branded social video that introduces a specific product or service.

The early adopters of video marketing know this and are already using video to increase their sales. If you haven’t been using video marketing, now is the time to get started. Otherwise, your competitors will gain an advantage over you and end up leaving you in the dust.

Benefit 5: Give Your Customers What They Want

Soon, it won’t be only the early adopters who are using video marketing. Instead, it will be an expectation that you present your product or service with video.

By the end of this year, experts estimate that video viewing will account for 82 per cent of all internet traffic. This leaves a fairly obvious clue: Your customers love watching videos, so smart businesses should offer videos to their clients!

Are You Ready to Experience the Magic of Corporate Video Production?

At 1 Minute Media, as our name suggests, we focus on quality, not quantity, in each of your videos. It takes just 1 Minute of well-scripted, polished video to earn trust and build better relations with your clients.

Are all videos equal?

No. There is an art to producing a video that sells, that your clients want to watch, and that helps you to achieve your business goals.

At 1 Minute Media, we specialise in simplifying video production for businesses of all kinds. With 3 locations, we make it easy for you to find quality video production in Sydney, video production in Melbourne, and video production in Brisbane.

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Bio: As a co-founder of 1 Minute Media, Kathy has been instrumental in producing thousands of strategic videos for Australian businesses.

She has a unique background in education, service & sales, adding depth to everyone seeking to promote their business or organisation through video.