Training & Educational Video Production Melbourne

Training & Educational Video Production Melbourne

We specialize in producing training and educational videos for organizations. With well-designed videos, you can completely turn around your training methods and improve how you educate your target audience.

Why Invest In Training & Educational Videos?

a) Training Videos Boost Engagement

The human brain loves visual things. People, therefore, learn faster when they are trained using a combination of words and visuals. Also, the amount of content that remains in memory is much greater of pictures than words.

The effect of using videos is, therefore, something noticeable almost immediately. As long as your training videos are well produced, you will deliver the training engagingly, and learners will understand retain more information.

b) Training Videos Enhance Accuracy and Correctness of Information

When you use videos to offer training, you reduce the likelihood of wandering off the script, unlike when you present to a live audience. At 1 Minute Media, we even make it easy for you to stay on point since we use Teleprompters.

Our team also ensures your training is delivering authentic and correct messages just as you have planned. Our team of experts guide you to ensure your delivery is effective.

c) Training Videos Can Reach Any Part of the World At Any Time

You may no longer be able to travel to deliver training sessions, but videos can and with less cost. Trainees can successfully learn through video, anytime from the comfort of their homes or offices.

d) Training Videos Are Cost-Effective

It’s true that a couple of years ago, organizations did not use videos because of the cost. However, that is no longer the case. It is a cheaper option than other methods that have been in place, such as live training.

1 Minute Media anytime will team with you to deliver your training videos per your budget with assured quality and effective delivery of message.

What Are Training & Educational Videos?

Training & educational videos are a substitute for regular face-to-face training. They are made as a package and usually part of online training courses. In most cases, these videos are combined with written content though it is not a must to do so.

These days, training video production is a critical component of online courses. Many training institutions, including colleges and universities and private organisations, use them. From their reports, courses that make use of training videos have the highest completion rates and student satisfaction.

Who Should Use Training & Educational Videos?

Whether public or private, every institution that offers training and education should use training & educational videos.

Businesses are using our training videos to upskill their staff and for safety and compliance reasons. Similarly, training videos can help train customers on how to use their products and services.

Specialists and experts can also use training & educational videos to disseminate their knowledge to others.

If you belong to any of these groups, 1 Minute Media can help you produce high-quality training & educational videos. Your learners will retain more information and understand your content if you use videos.

What Are the Benefits of Using Corporate Training Videos?

Using corporate training videos is a major trend in 2021. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • You can post corporate training videos on multiple platforms at once;
  • Corporate training videos made well, save businesses enormous amounts of money compared with live training;
  • Students, employees and others can watch them anytime and anywhere – and providing this flexibility is increasingly important;
  • Combined with interactive CRM programs videos can be paused for competency checks and interactive questionnaires.

Get in touch with our 1 Minute Media staff at Melbourne and work with us in producing exceptional training & educational videos for you.

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