Product Video Production Melbourne

Product Video Production Melbourne

Using product videos is a great way to get your products/services into your target customers’ sights in your area. Product videos help businesses sell significantly more products.

At 1 Minute Media Melbourne, we have experts ready to make engaging and visually stunning product videos for you. We’ll help showcase your products while keeping your audience engaged.

Our team will ensure that your product is shown in the most appropriate way possible. And working with you, we will create an excellent story about your product.

Videos have overtaken traditional methods of promotion for businesses and products. In the words of Dr. James McQuivey (a world-renowned specialist in crunching marketing numbers), a 1-minute video is worth 1.8 million words.

Videos have a significant impact on product marketing. On average, between 65-85% of customers go-ahead to purchase a product after viewing a video about it online. Why this significant trend? Well, the features of your product, as highlighted or shown in a video, captivate your customers.

A product is, therefore, a big boost for your sales. For this, you have all the right reasons to start making videos about your product. You will save costs and also attract the right customers for your products in the market.

1 Minute Media specialises in equipping businesses with product videos that boost your sales.

Whether you have a single product or need a series of product videos we will make a video package to boost your sales.

Call us on 1300 905 205 to get started or please, contact our team for product video production in Melbourne. We will help you in getting started with product video marketing. You’ll be surprised how easy we make the process.

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