Online and Social Media Video Production Melbourne

Online and Social Media Video Production Melbourne

At 1 Minute Media, we do not just produce the videos you order from us and stop there. We also make for you a free one for social media. How video for social media useful to you? Your customers are on social media, and sometimes this will be the first place they engage with your brand.

Your customers are watching lots of videos every day on social media. However, that does not mean that you record and post videos randomly on these platforms. It’s best to have a marketing strategy, and that’s where we help you.

Interesting Stats about Online Videos You Should Know

  1. According to Blue Corona, Online demonstration videos help over 80% of consumers make their purchase decisions.
  2. According to Cisco, over 80% of all consumer internet traffic came from online videos as of 2020. The percentage is over 85% in the U.S.
  3. More shares (over 1200%) come from social videos compared to image and content combined (Wordstream)
  4. Over 95% of viewers retain the message when they watch online videos than when they read content (Wirebuzz)
  5. Many customers/consumers would rather watch online videos about products they want than read about them online (eMarketer)

From these stats, it is evident that any business that is still using only the traditional methods of delivering their messages to target customers is missing out. You are missing out on incredible opportunities that you should be tapping.

What Many Australian Businesses Should Know

While online and social media videos are on the rise worldwide, not many businesses have invested in Australia. So, those that realize this early enough have a golden chance of beating their competitors in the industry.

As a business owner, you need to consider incorporating online and social media videos as part of your efforts to market your products/services.

With good social media videos, it is easy to build your brand and let customers out there know what you have in store for them. However, that is only possible if you have the right videos appropriate for social media campaigns.

1 Minute Media Can Help You Come Up with Social Media Starter Plan

You need an online and social media video plan if you want to reap big from the many opportunities that exist there. We will help you come up with one. Our team will do a thorough analysis of your business to come up with videos appropriate for your market and business as well.

For a start, three videos will put your business in a better position. The first video is a brand or profile video. It is merely a video of your business story. We’ll make it engaging and help you share it out to the target audience in the market.

We will create the other two videos depending on what we feel is a priority area. So, we can choose to produce a product video, how-to-video and maybe another majorly giving testimonials.

Once we have the right type of videos, we will develop a rollout plan that fits your budget. In no time, you will start seeing the impact of the campaign.

Contact us today and market your business using high-quality, engaging online & social media videos.

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