Video Animation Services Melbourne

Video Animation Services Melbourne

1 Minute Media have a crew of creators and producers who are able to assist you with every animation style, ranging from animated text motion graphics, simple icon animation, through to 2D and 3D animation designs.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic many of our clients at 1 Minute Media have had to update their safety communication for their organisation. As one of Australia’s leading providers to the health care industry this has been easy for us to provide.

Our team of experts are ready to assist you with:

  • Professional treatment, script and story boards
  • Design of your characters and/or icons
  • Or adapting your pre-existing characters/icons for 2D & 3D animation videos
  • Voice over artists as well as a vast library of licensed music

1 Minute Media’s team of experts have been providing a celebrated level of service and excellence in the art of video communication for 10 years.

We are renowned for premium, quality digital production for government departments, NFP and NGO’s as well as for large and small organisations across the corporate sector.

We are quick, efficient and cost effective – call 1300 905 205 for a quote today.

What’s the Benefit of Investing in Video Animation for Your Small Business?

Animated videos are useful in explaining your products and services to your customers. Even if you are already running ads, using animated videos will enhance your marketing campaigns. The result is more people clicking through your business or corporate website.

Another benefit of using animated videos is the fact that you can upload them on social media platforms. Most of your customers are already using those platforms, so they will be happy to watch and share your videos. That will help in attracting new customers.

Where Can I Get Quick and Less Expensive Video Animation Services In Melbourne?

Our video animation services at 1 Minute Media are cost-effective and will help you achieve the objectives you have for your business. You do not need to blow your bank to get high-quality video animation services. We price our services competitively.

Where Can I Get 2D and 3D Video Animation Services in Melbourne?

You can get 2D and 3D video animation services in Melbourne from 1 Minute Media video production company. We have a great team of video specialists who understand all aspects of video animation for your business or organization.

Visit our contact page today to get in touch with our team for help.

As one of the leading animated video production companies in Melbourne, 1 Minute Media offers you comprehensive animation services. Whether you want to upgrade your site logo, educate your audiences, or draw attention on social media, our motion graphics in Melbourne will have you covered.

Our motion graphics and animations can help you engage your audiences, boost your brand awareness, and ultimately increase your sales.

Our team of experts in animated video production in Melbourne is always at your beck and call to help you relay your brand messaging to a global audience.

What are motion graphics and animated video production, and why should I use them?

Motion graphics involves using static content and breathing new life into it by animating it and giving it movement. The logo on your website, for example, doesn’t have to be a static image. We can give it some extra flair by having it spin around or even burst into fireworks – your imagination is the only limit.

If you’d like something more complex, as the leading video animation company in Melbourne, we’ll have you covered. With animation, we can help you tell a story and create a narrative. Whether you want an educational video, a tutorial, or simply some entertaining content, we’ll help you draw attention with 2D or 3D animations.

You can use motion graphics and animation to illustrate complex ideas, tell the story about your brand, or even establish your brand voice. Such interactive content will grab the attention of your audience and take your business to the next level. Take a look at our testimonials, and see why using our services is the best option for your business.

Which video animation services in Melbourne does 1 Minute Media provide?

As the leading animated explainer video company Melbourne has to offer, 1 Minute Media provides you with comprehensive services. Whether you’re looking for 2D animation video in Melbourne, 3D animation, graphic animation, or anything in between, we’ll have you covered.

Our artists in 3D animation video in Melbourne are always ready to provide:

  • Expert concept, script, and storyboards
  • Professional editing of your own media content
  • The highest quality graphic animation video in Melbourne
  • Character voice-over
  • Licensed music

We can even offer you the most creative product animation video in Melbourne, so we guarantee that we can meet all your needs.

Our premium content is always available to you. As a local business in Melbourne, our doors are always opened, so hop on by if you’d like to learn more about our work and services.

Where can I apply for video animation services?

Video animation services can easily be included in any marketing strategy. Your customised motion graphic animations can become a part of your website and help you generate and convert more leads.

Add some pizzazz to your brand logo to have it stand out:

  • Include motion graphics in your infographics to make them easier to remember.
  • Upload 3D animation videos to your social media accounts to drive engagement.
  • Increase your following on YouTube or Vimeo with our 3D animation video in Melbourne.

Your options are endless. 

Regardless of whether you use our animations for your social media, video-based learning, or anything in between, you can rest assured you’ll boost your engagement and increase your brand awareness.

So, contact us and help your business reach new heights with our comprehensive services.

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