How to use video marketing to increase traffic, leads and sales to your business


1 Minute Media Sample for Adam Scougall Designs (AS)

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Our Video Campaigns Increase Your Traffic, Engagement & Ultimately Sales.

Our videos are designed specifically to fit the various stages of your audience engagement with your brand.

Increase Traffic & Leads To Your Site

The 30 Second Social Media Cut

Our client, Adam Scougall Interior Design (AS), required video for social media to entice clients to his business main website. The above example is our “30 Second Social Media Cut” that (AS) is successfully using across all of his social platforms. This video gives just enough of a glimpse of the style and capability of AS to his audience. It operates as a teaser or incentive for viewers on social media to click through to the main AS website to find out more and move a step closer to becoming clients.

Convert More Leads

The 1.5 Minute Multi Purpose Brand Cut

The above version is AS’s feature video that 1 Minute Media produced for the campaign.  This video is featured on the AS website, and is also played at the start of every seminar that the company runs. As part of the sales process the video allows clients to rapidly understand the depth of Adam’s skills as an interior designer, as well as to allow the audience to make an immediate connection with Adam himself. The series has been extremely successful in capturing audience attention and promoting AS’s skills. An unintended but very welcome outcome that has emerged from  the main feature video is that AS’s clients expect they will have to pay more for Adam’s services – because the video demonstrates his vast experience and elegant style.

Whether you are a sole operator or a large organisation 1 Minute Media will assist you to increase your sales and your bottom line using video.

Leverage Your Marketing

Our 1 Minute Media team are experts at using video for leverage. Our videos are designed to help your clients to rapidly develop trust and a sense of familiarity with you and your company, leveraging all of your marketing platforms. 

We Shift Perception To Position Your Company As The Industry Expert

Although brief by design our videos make a lasting impression. We focus on the best attributes of your services and products to incite the imagination of your potential clients. Our brand video packages in particular are designed for perception.

Your First Professional Video Is The First Step To Taking Ownership Of Your Market Place In 2019!

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Bio: Kathy is a new media entrepreneur and co-founder of 1 Minute Media. 1 Minute Media is a specialist Sydney Video Production Agency and has provided thousands of strategic video campaigns for greater engagement, conversion and business growth.