How to get more views for your Corporate and Real Estate Videos

Corporate and Real Estate Video Production Tips, Sydney

How to get more views for your Corporate and Real Estate Videos

How to get more views for my videos (from my prospects)

So you have decided to get Corporate Video produced for your company and now you may be wondering how to attract genuine prospective clients to view your videos?

The great news is that there are so many inexpensive and even free ways to get genuine interested views of your videos.

Let’s start with Free Views

Your Website is the Digital Hub for your Business and therefore the first port of call for your video is your website.

1 Minute Media recommends that you use YouTube as your host for SEO purposes and then you install a “Video Light Box” on your website. The Light Box will display just your video in an overlay box; at the end of the video the visitor will still be on your website, rather than losing them on YouTube.


Location, Location, Location!

• One of the first rules for getting more views of your video on your website is placement

• Home page placement of your Corporate Video is now becoming an essential website inclusion

• Visitors to your website expect to meet you via a Video

• Video dramatically increases the know, like and trust factors which are essential for people to do business with you

• 1 Minute Media specialises in strategically designed Corporate Video which delivers your message succinctly and effectively. We dramatically increase the know, like and trust factors!

• Great Video + Prominent Placement = Higher Conversion Rates of visitors to clients!

• So don’t hide your video. Put it on the home page of your website. Put it in the centre of the home page, “above the fold” ie in the top half, so that visitors don’t have to scroll down. Once you have done this you will notice increases in your views and simultaneous increases in your customer conversions.

How to Broadcast your Videos


• Did you know that nearly every e-newsletter provider has an inbuilt function which allows you to hyperlink your video to the e-newsletter?

• The statistics on the click throughs are compelling: would you rather 1% of your e-newsletter recipients to open your news or 30%?

• Video links have been proven to dramatically increase the click through rates of e-newsletters.



Social Media:

If you are already using the Social Media channels relevant to your business – fantastic! Video will bring your content to life. If not, 1 Minute Media can get you launched either with advice for DIY or we can design your whole campaign.

Once you get going implement the following to spread the love:

• Tap into your Fan base on Facebook and Twitter etc

• Your fans are your best free advertising. They already love what you do and they like to share your work

• Video provides them with better entertainment and sharing your great videos is second nature for them

• Encourage this along by creating further incentives such as give-aways. You could offer a prize for the 25th person who reports back a message from the video. Eg The 25th person to email me what is said at .25seconds of the video wins a bottle of wine (or discount off a product etc)

• This message can be placed in any of the Social Media sources that you utilise

At 1 Minute Media we help you to simply navigate the world of Social Media. It starts with content and great video is the kind of content that deserves to be linked on all Social Media channels.

Email signatures:

• Everyone has an email account. Every member in your business is likely to be sending emails

• It is time to put this simple tool to better use: place a video link on your email signature. You will be amazed how many potential clients will click through and within a minute they will “Know, Like and Trust” you. You can ask us at 1 Minute Media to custom design an email signature banner. These have been proven to generate 1000’s of free views for our clients.

YouTube – and the greatest of the media platforms for your video marketing is….YouTube

Please refer to our next chapters for How to use Youtube and How to set up your Youtube channel.

Note on getting more clicks:

In all your own media you have the opportunity to maximise your own view rate by using better titles.

In today’s busy world people do not have time for boring, ho-hum titles.

For example the statistics are overwhelming re using a number in your title:

  •  eg “3 ways to ensure you get the best mortgage rate”
  • as opposed to “Mortgage and Financial News”.In the first sample, the viewer knows that they will succinctly and quickly get the information that is important to them – and they are greatly tempted to learn the “3 ways”. In the second they are likely to feel “I haven’t got time today” as they have no idea what they will get from watching your video, nor how much of their valuable time they will need to invest.

It is a great idea to start noticing how you yourself respond to titles such as “the 5 things successful people do before 8am” and “the 7 habits of highly effective people”

You can also maximise clicks to your videos by using video “thumbnails” ie an image of your video; by placing a video “play button” on the image and placing the thumbnail in a prominent spot in your media

Getting more views

Google Adwords

                                                         google search

Google advertising has long been an effective option for small- to medium-sized businesses that want campaigns targeted at an audience demographic at a low cost.

AdWords for video, the latest addition to Google’s advertising suite, takes advantage of the fastest growing marketing tool — video. AdWords for video enables you to precisely target your audience, and you only pay when viewers choose to watch your video.

1 Minute Media offers targeted adword campaigns when you really want to crank up your views and take your business to the next level. We design adword platforms which incorporate sending traffic to your videos directly or to the specific landing pages of your website where you have placed your high conversion videos (hopefully this will be your home page).

We monitor and analyse your adword campaigns to identify the best conversion keywords and phrases.

SEO Campaigns

In addition to the immediacy of Adword campaigns we also offer SEO services to rank your website where your target audience is looking!

Great content is your foundation to increasing your business and sending traffic to this content provides the means to conversion.

Not every visitor to your website is ready to purchase or engage your services immediately. Our pet hate at 1 Minute Media is building prospective client interest and then letting them go!

1 Minute Media writes content for your website designed to capture leads. We design downloadable tips, White Papers and E-Books relevant to your industry. Our business writers make sure that you and your business are remembered as the market leaders! This means converting more of the “just browsing” visitors to clients down the track.

1 Minute Media will design your online marketing strategy for you and will activate targeted campaigns for YouTube and Google Adwords, as well as design your long term SEO. Just ask us at or call 1300 905 205


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