How To Get 500 Vendors to View Your Agent Market Review Videos

Video Production Solutions for Sydney Real Estate Agents.


Our Agent Market Reviews are the best way to position yourself as the market leader in your core suburb – placing you at top of mind every month with a snapshot of information that is extremely helpful to your future vendors.

Video marketing is currently being heralded as the fastest growing marketing tool in history and the reasons for this are fairly obvious – it’s second only to face to face meetings for impact.

However, one of the obstacles for any individual or company using video marketing is ensuring that your video is viewed – and viewed by the right clients.

Presenting Your Market Review From A Featured Listing

This is overwhelmingly a win-win-win situation for you, your current vendor and buyers for the following reasons:

  1. By featuring your current vendors property in your Market Review you can add the video to and (Terms & Conditions apply – please ask 1 Minute Media and we will guide you)
  2. Your vendor will receive much greater exposure for their property due to the video being added to their listing
  3. Your Market Review Video will receive as many as 500 targeted views positioning you as the clear expert in your core suburbs
  4. And let’s not forget the buyers in this equation. Buyers love to view a video of property they are interested in. Buyers also love, in fact NEED, current market information of a property
  5. It has been said that as many as 40% of buyers attending open houses will themselves become sellers in the next three months. And who knows how many will become sellers at a later date?
    Who do you think will be at the top of their list for selling their property?


1 Minute Media Points Of Difference At Each Stage Of Production

Stage 1: Production – this is our job at 1 Minute Media and we streamline it for you so that it is professional and effective. From assistance with proven script outlines, cinematic filming, teleprompter equipment, so that you don’t have to memorise anything through to guaranteed fast turnaround times

Stage 2: Publication – YouTube. It’s simple, it’s effective, it’s owned by Google and therefore the best for your SEO. We provide step by step instructions to make this part simple.

Stage 3: Distribution – other production companies just give you a video. We give you a full video marketing solution.

Traditional marketing methods, such as mass production of DL cards, are becoming less and less effective.

For approximately the same price as 1000 ineffective DL cards to be printed and delivered, 99% of which end up in the recylcing bin before the owner steps in the front door, you can be talking directly to up to 500 targeted clients.

Make 2014 your breakthrough year – take ownership of your core areas.

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Posted by Kathy Moran – Founder and Director of 1 Minute Media, 1300 905 205

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