How does 1 Minute Media differ to other video production companies?

Having developed our business out of a background of sales and marketing our business focuses on you, your clients and the objectives that you would like your video to achieve. We do this through:

•”High Conversion” video focus

•Purposefully designed scripting and story boarding by experienced marketing professionals

•Premium and effective video production by highly skilled camera operators and editors

•Advice for optimising your video views through Social Media

•Google SEO plus Google, YouTube and Facebook advertising platforms to increase your traffic and therefore outcomes

•While other companies wait for your direction, 1 Minute Media is able to skilfully guide you to a return on your investment!

1 Minute Media is a professional, Sydney based video production company.

We specialise in “high conversion” video production designed to waste no time in going straight to your objectives. Our belief is that highly effective video production begins with a foundation of a carefully constructed script, followed by professional cinematic filming and finished with expert editing. Our work does not stop with the delivery of effective, polished video – we also offer expert advice on how to ensure you receive maximum views for your video(s) utilising the best available sources online. This advice ranges from free tips for Social Media distribution to launching your advertising platforms on Google, YouTube and Facebook.

For any business owner or organisation the purpose of video is return on investment. Whether you need to introduce your business with a profile video, product demonstrations, client testimonials, inhouse training videos or an array of other web based videos we ensure that your end purpose is our sole objective!

Online media has exploded in the past few years and your online presence must be up to date to compete in business. As our name suggests we recommend brief but highly effective video communication. We will always recommend that your target audience is the focal point of your video. We advocate, for example, a short dynamic video for each topic you would like to cover, rather than 1 long, expensive video which people will turn off!

From our script writers to our highly skilled camera and editing crew 1 Minute Media is focused on you and your business.

In the fast paced world of the internet we have experienced that it takes just 1 Minute to drive traffic, leads and sales to your business.

Call 1300 905 205 for a free 30 minute consultation on how to use video for higher traffic and conversion for your business today!

Kathy Moran

Production Manager and Owner,

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