How Can Your Company Use Online Video To Convert Viewers To Customers?

Video Marketing for customer Conversion

Imagine being able to clearly demonstrate the points of difference and advantages that you can offer your clients while you’re actually at home or out playing golf.

By creating and sharing online video content, you can turn this dream into a reality!

Using video is akin to having someone employed 24/7 to spruik for your company. To achieve 24/7 advocacy for your business, though, you need to follow these 6 essential video creation rules:

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1. Write Your Script Or Storyboard With Your Customer In Mind

Many business owners make a simple — but very costly — mistake when they take their very first step into the world of online video production.

These business owners assume that, because the video is going to be about their business, they should just talk about themselves for a few minutes. They then end up writing a script that says something like “We have been in business for 20 years; we love our industry; we have x, y z qualifications.”

What is wrong with this approach?

If they’re met with this kind of video, your would-be customers are going to end up asking “So What?”

The goal should be to immediately engage with your prospective customers. The way to do this is to write a script that provides relevant information and gives them some kind of value.

Instead of talking about how long your company has been operating, start the video by identifying a problem the ideal client is facing. Then, tell them how your business can help them to solve that problem.

This approach is going to catch their attention — and hold it — far better than a list of facts about you and your company.

2. Answer Your Clients’ Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want your video to operate 24/7 and consistently sell the benefits of your business’s services or products? If so, consider what your customers would be asking you if you were sitting in front of them.

At 1 Minute Media, we recommend answering the top 3 to 5 most frequently asked questions in one video. If you go beyond this, people might start to get bored. They may even turn off the video altogether.

Rather than spending a lot of money making a long video that people don’t want to watch, you’d be better served to make a short video that tells people things they want to know.

Answering your customers’ most frequently questions also adds great value to your business’s website and online presence. The customer should feel that they can walk away from your video with their questions answered. They should also know that you are the company that’s best equipped to help them.

3. Case Studies, Evidence, Proof!

We cannot overstate the value of evidence. If you can prove that your business will deliver what you are spruiking, you’ll be much better off in the long term.

Remember, you are a customer as well. If someone told you that they are “the best builders” in Australia, would you believe it? Probably not. You’d want some kind of proof that backs up that claim.

Imagine, on the other hand, that you viewed some case studies of the company’s past building jobs or watched testimonial interviews from the builder’s past clients. If you received this kind of evidence first, you would likely be more inclined to choose this building company, right?

Your customers are the same as you. When it comes to assessing your business, they want to see the evidence!

Creating video content is a great way to give them that evidence. 1 Minute Media specialises in creating dedicated testimonial videos and using compilations of testimonials to present your company’s benefits.

4. Your Videos Should Educate Your Potential Customers

In addition to providing evidence and showing why your company is a great fit for your ideal customer or client’s needs, you should also add credibility by creating educational video content.

When you provide more information on a specific topic and teach your audience something new, they’re going to develop a greater sense of trust in your and your business. They’ll also have a greater understanding of what your products or services are, why they matter, and why they should invest in them.

Online video is one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise.

Keep in mind that anyone who is viewing your online videos is very likely going to be assessing your company and deciding whether or not they want to keep you on their “shopping list.” If they come across a video that provides detailed information and empowers them with some knowledge they didn’t have before, they’ll be more inclined to let you keep your spot.

5. Keep Videos Short And Sweet

People searching for information online want their answers quickly. They do not want to watch an epic movie about your product or company.

Quality — not quantity — is king.

What if you feel that you can’t keep your message brief, though? If this is the case, consider breaking the topic down into a series of shorter videos.

Your viewers will appreciate this approach, and each video will be more successful. Creating a video series also provides you with more content across the board, which is also good for your search engine ranking as an added bonus.

If you’re struggling with video length, our team at 1 Minute Media can help. We are experts in providing video marketing guidance, and we will help you pare down your message into a succinct, effective video series.

6. Prioritise Professional Production

You’ve invested in your company, you’ve invested in your brand, and your video presentations should reflect these investments. Remember, your clients are going to judge your services based on your video quality.

If you’re not confident in your video production skills, consider working with a professional video production company.

This is an excellent way to ensure you’re putting out high-quality videos that deliver your message as effectively as possible. Thanks to the huge advances in digital technology in the past couple of decades, it’s more affordable than ever, too.

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