How can your company use online video to convert viewers to customers?

Video Marketing for customer Conversion

Imagine Being Able To Clearly Demonstrate The Points Of Difference And Advantages That You Can Offer Your Clients While You Are Actually At Home Or Playing Golf.

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Using video is akin to having someone employed 24/7 to spruik for your company.

Imagine Being Able To Clearly Demonstrate The Points Of Difference And Advantages That You Can Offer Your Clients While You Are Actually At Home Or Playing Golf.

To Create Effective Video Which Can Achieve 24/7 Advocacy For Your Company You Will Need To Follow 7 Simple Rules Of Thumb.

They are:

1. Write Your Script Or Story Board With Your Customer In Mind.

Many businesses owners make a simple but costly mistake in the very first step of their online video production: they assume that because the video is going to be about their business that they will therefore simply talk all about themselves! So they commence their script with “We have been in business for 20 years; we love our industry; we have x, y z qualifications”.

What is wrong with this approach?

Your would be customers are asking “So What?”

To engage your would-be customers immediately offer them information that will be of value. Rather than saying “our business has been operating for 20 years” identify their problem and their need “Do you need to find a builder with proven track record?”

2. Answer Your Clients Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like your video to operate 24/7 in selling the benefits of your service or product then simply consider what your customers would be asking you, if you were sitting in front of them 24/7.

At 1 Minute Media we recommend answering the top 3 to 5 questions in one video. Any more than this and people may well get bored and turn off the video, leaving you with a longer, more costly video which people don’t want to watch.

Conversely, striking the foremost questions that customers want to know adds great value. The customer feels that they can walk away with their questions answered, and that you are the company best equipped to help them

3. Case Studies, Evidence, Proof!

The value of the evidence that you can actually deliver what you are spruiking cannot be overstated! You are a customer as well. If someone told you “We are the best builders” for example, would you believe it? On the other hand if you viewed the case studies of past building jobs or watched testimonial interviews with the builders past clients, would you be more likely to choose this building company?

Your customers are the same as you, when it comes to assessing your business. They want the evidence! 1 Minute Media specialises in creating dedicated testimonial videos and using compilations of testimonials to present your company benefits. The effectiveness cannot be understated!

4. Your Videos Should Educate Your Potential Customers

Online video is a great way to demonstrate your expertise. Keep in mind that anyone who is viewing your online videos is very likely to be assessing your company and deciding whether to keep you on their “shopping list”

5. Short And Sweet

People searching for information online want their answers quickly. They do not want to watch an epic movie about your product or company. Quality not quantity is king. If you feel you can’t keep your message brief consider breaking the topic down into shorter videos. Your viewers will appreciate this and each video will be more successful. Don’t take my word for this – check out the analytics on YouTube, which allows you to see the retention rates of any video. 1 Minute Media are experts in providing guidance to plan succinct, effective videos.

6. Your Videos Should Be Produced Professionally

You have invested in your company, you have invested in your brand and it follows that your video presentations reflect this. There is an old adage “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but this is exactly what your clients do when reviewing your services. The great news is that professional video production is very affordable due to the huge advances in digital technology in the past decade.

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