How can you use video for a successful product launch?

Video is the most powerful marketing tool in history. Gone are the days when people only saw a new product promoted whilst sitting down to watch tv.

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Video Is The Most Powerful Marketing Tool In History.

Gone are the days when people only saw a new product promoted whilst sitting down to watch tv.
The New Media Age has abundant opportunities to share and market your product, without the phenomenal cost of 1) Producing the commercial; and 2) Putting the commercial on tv.

That’s right, the New Media Age has surpassed tv, newspapers and magazine ads and is getting video content out to consumers, who are then immediately able to engage with the Product and clearly understand what the product offers and how they can attain it.

Take for example the Product Video we created for the cosmetic company, Ultraceuticals.
Ultraceuticals brief was that they were launching their new skin product called Ultra Brightening Serum, which dramatically reduces the signs of ageing. They wanted a Product Video that could show how they had proven clinical tests and a scientific formula that is unique compared to other cosmetic products. They were also offering a Money Back Guarantee to back their claims.

In this sample the Ultraceuticals Company could have written copy to explain how this product differs from other products, how it works and what it does. However, demonstrating the features of the product via video has a far greater effect than static content.

It has been estimated that 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words!

Businesses Are Now Using Video To Promote Their Products Because:

64% Of People Are More Likely To Purchase Your Product After Watching A Product Video

What Are The 3 Steps To Creating A Product Video That Makes Your Customers Want To Purchase Your Product?

1. Writing An Engaging Script

The first and most important step to creating a Product Video that makes your customers want to purchase your product, is writing an engaging script. What are the benefits of your Product and how can you best explain them with video?

The key to writing an engaging script is to answer the questions that your clients would likely ask if you were sitting in front of them. In doing this, you answer what they actually want to know. Keep your target audience in your focus for every line you write. Concentrate your script on benefits to your customer and they will be engaged through to you your call to action.

2. If You Want Someone Talking To Camera About Your Product, Consider Using A Professional Actor

A Professional Actor will know which words to emphasise and how to discuss your product as if they are there in the room with you. Professional actors make the delivery look simple, but this is actually a reflection of years of training and study.

3. Get A Professional Video Company To Create Your Video For You

Many people have access to video equipment these days, but understanding all the elements of Video Production, such as using a Professional Camera, Cinematic techniques to diversify your shots, Professional Lighting & Sound Equipment, Editing Software and techniques is just the beginning to creating a dynamic video.

What Are The 5 Steps To Effectively Distribute Your Product Video?

1. Upload Your Product Video To YouTube

The first step to getting as many views as possible of your Product Video is uploading it to YouTube.
YouTube is the second largest Search Engine after Google, so it makes sense to upload it there with the right metatags (words, phrases and links promoting your business and product) so that your Product can be found.

2. Upload Your Product Video To The Homepage Of Your Website

If you are promoting your video, it is always advantageous to have a link to your website. And if your Product Video is on your homepage then customers will be immediately drawn to it, and then move around your website and understand more about what you offer, potentially purchasing other products as well.

3. Upload Your Product Video To Other Forms Of Social Media

Once you have your Product Video uploaded to YouTube and the homepage of your website, you can also upload it to as many other forms of Social Media, so that it can be found worldwide 24/7.
Some of the Social Media platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Metacafe & Dailymotion.

4. Publish A Blog On Your Website

When writing a blog on your website to promote your Product Video, ensure that you are able to link your video to the blog. An important element in having a video link that remains on your blog is that your customer is not taken off your page to another website such as YouTube. The pitfall of not having this option on your blog is that your customer may get distracted and forget to come back to your page.

5. Send Traffic To Your Video And Website

Now that you have your Product Video uploaded to your website and multiple forms of social media you need to send traffic there to be found.

a)SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If your website is ranking well for your keywords on Google, then there is a good chance you will get found “organically”, ie by being on the home page. Businesses are not relying anymore on Yellow Pages or static newspaper ads that get tossed into the recycling bin after one day. Businesses need to be found on Google. Google has revolutionised the way businesses are found. Having an SEO plan to be found on Google is a strategic approach to getting ahead of your competition.

b)Google AdWord Campaigns

Setting up a Google AdWord campaign can be daunting, because understanding how to make the most of your campaign is important. No matter what your budget, your business can have access to your target audience and the keyword phrases that your clients will be searching for. You are therefore only advertising to clients that are interested in your Product. The other fantastic thing about Google AdWords is that you only pay when your Ad is clicked (Pay Per Click PPC).

c)acebook Ads

Facebook ads are another method of targeting your potential clients by gender, age, location, demographics, interests, education, work and connections on Facebook. Running a campaign will put your business where the conversations are happening. You can also create specific landing pages so that you can obtain the Facebook users details (such as email address and name) and then continue to send them your updates and special offers.

If you are thinking of getting a Product Video and would like to speak to a Video Production Company that specialises not only in Product Videos, but also getting as much exposure for your video as possible through Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing, give us a call, or email us directly.

Kathy Moran – 1 Minute Media Production Manager

P: 1300 905 205

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Bio: Kathy is a new media entrepreneur and co-founder of 1 Minute Media. 1 Minute Media is a specialist Sydney Video Production Agency and has provided thousands of strategic video campaigns for greater engagement, conversion and business growth.