Tips for great presentation in your Corporate Videos


Some people seem to deliver sales presentations, corporate messages, and new product demonstrations off-the-cuff without giving them a second thought. In reality, though, most of these people have put in a ton of practice prior to filming.

Would you like to feel more comfortable while presenting? Is your lack of confidence holding you back from filming corporate videos and sharing information about your company?

If you need to improve your presentation and public speaking skills, keep reading. Listed below are 10 tips to try today.

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Write a Script

Writing a script is great for boosting your confidence and helping you to stay calm when delivering a presentation or speaking in a corporate video.

Don’t write your script to be read. It needs to be written to be spoken, and written in a way that sounds natural.

For example, instead of saying “we have,” say “we’ve.” Instead of saying “have not,” say “haven’t.”

Keep in mind, too, that it’s also easier to read a script that’s written in capitals and lower case rather than all in capitals. Only use all capitals for words you wish to EMPHASISE.

Write out numbers in full, too. For example, write “one thousand four hundred and sixty,” not 1,460.

You can find more tips for video scriptwriting and view samples from our experts at 1 Minute Media.

Rehearse Regularly

When you’re trying to get better at something that’s difficult for you, there’s no substitute for good, old-fashioned rehearsal. The more you rehearse and personalise your script, the easier it will be for you to put meaning to your words.

It’s also very important to speaking the words out loud during your rehearsals. This helps you understand how the words will roll off your tongue and lets you know if you need to make changes so the text will be easier for you to deliver.

Set the Teleprompter to Your Pace

At 1 Minute Media, when we help clients create corporate videos, we use a teleprompter to help them easily deliver their message. There’s no need to memorise your script when you have a teleprompter, and this can help you to feel more confident and natural during your presentation.

It’s best if you practise reading your script using the teleprompter, and don’t be afraid to reset it to the right pace for you. Keep in mind, though, that video presentations should be a bit snappier and faster-paced compared to live presentations.

If you don’t have access to a teleprompter, download the Teleprompt + app from the App Store. This is the tool our team uses.

When reading from the teleprompter, keep your eyes on the middle. Let the words rise to meet your eye level.

Move your head a little, too, especially when reading words you want to emphasise. This minimizes visible eye movement on the screen.

Our production team at 1 Minute Media will provide a Teleprompter for your shoot as well as coaching on best practices. Our videographers and directors are ready to help!

Be Passionate and Energetic

Do your best to increase your energy and give your performance a little more passion.

Remember, being on film tends to squash your energy level. What might seem like an “over the top” performance in person will translate to an appropriate level of energy and excitement when it’s displayed on the screen.

Don’t be afraid to turn yourself up — not in volume, but in emotion. This will make your presentation instantly more interesting and more appealing to watch.


Don’t forget to smile.

Smiling is perhaps the simplest way to connect with your audience.

The warmth of a smile is a must, especially at the beginning and end of a performance. Smiling helps to make your presentations more captivating and shows viewers that you are enthusiastic and passionate about your company, your products, and your services.

Of course, there may be some occasions when a smile is not appropriate, such as when you’re talking about serious subjects. You’ll need to consider your audience and the intent of the presentation to determine whether or not a smile is needed.

Maintain Eye Contact

The magic of the teleprompter is that it enables you to look directly into the camera lens. This creates the illusion of eye contact with your audience.

Take full advantage of this by not looking away. Your continuous gaze really does engage your audience.

Keep in mind, too, that eye movements away from the camera can make you look a little bit shifty, which isn’t a good look when you’re trying to win people over and convince them to invest in your products or services.

Use Non-Verbal Communication

Appropriate facial expressions and hand gestures are critical to your performance.

Loosen up! There’s nothing more distracting to an audience than a “rabbit caught in the headlights” — a person who is frozen except for their moving lips while delivering a speech.

Use gestures and expressions to amplify your words, stress important points, and show that you are passionate about what you’re saying. Move your head, too, (just not too much).

Don’t Shout

It may be tempting to raise your voice during your delivery, especially as you’re trying to increase your energy and enthusiasm. When recording a corporate video, though, think about addressing your presentation to just one person.

Even if the video is going to be viewed by a massive audience, your intention should be to connect with each person individually. Make them think that you’re speaking only to them.

Don’t Panic

For many people, being in the studio or being confronted by a camera and having to perform can cause them to feel like they’ve experienced a full frontal lobotomy. They may end up temporarily losing their speech and all reasonable thought.

Do your best to stay calm to prevent this from happening to you. This is where consistent practice comes in handy. The more you rehearse, the easier this will be.

Enjoy the Experience

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the experience. After all, it’s only a video!

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Now that you know how to improve your presentation, are you ready to move forward with your next corporate video production project? Working with a professional videography company can help you deliver a great presentation and ensure you’re presenting your company in the best way possible.

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