Corporate Video Production – Where do I start?

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Present in your own Corporate Video or engage

a professional presenter or Voice Over Artist

Why commence professional video marketing in 2014?

  1. Premium Video Production is affordable
  2. YouTube and other hosts make it instantly watchable
  3. Your clients love video!

Should you use professionals or should you make your own?

The simplest answer is to go with the professionals. An Eastern Suburbs Real Estate Agency I spoke with just over a year ago decided to go it alone and purchased a video camera.

Soon after, they recognised their mistake. Corporate video production requires a lot more skill than “point and shoot”. As well as years of training to maximise camera use, they would have also needed to acquire lighting, sound equipment, tripods, lens filters, professional editing suites and specialised editing training.

For the same price as the purchase of the camera alone, they would have been able to have a premium video production package complete with around 10 – 15 videos all professionally produced and increasing their “Know, Like and Trust” factors with their audience every day.

When considering whether to go it alone or to call in the professional ask yourself:

  1. Could I get by with creating my own videos?
  2. Would my video do justice to my brand?
  3. On the other hand would premium video production open the doors, elevate my status as “Expert” and allow me to complete more sales at prices?

Premium Quality Video includes Cinematic techniques in:

  • Filming
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Production

Isn’t professional video production extremely expensive?

This is one of the best things about accessing the extraordinary benefits of video marketing in 2014. Affordability.

Rewind ten years to 2004. Video production on the whole was still on film. And believe it or not, if you could afford that film and its accompanying editing, you had nowhere to put it!

That’s right, YouTube was not even invented 10 years ago! You would have had to distribute your video via DVD or worse, pay for TV ads!

Fast forward to 2014 and not only is YouTube the second largest search engine on the net (only after Google) but the download speeds for viewers to watch your video instantly are phenomenal.

Your prospects love watching video. 2014 is the time to get started with video marketing!

Corporate Video Production

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