Testimonial Videos Brisbane

Testimonial Videos Brisbane

Testimonial Video Production from one of Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney’s Leading Companies

Videos are some of the most powerful marketing tools to attract customers to your brand. With an engaging message, sharp imagery and a compelling story, a user can hardly go past an attractive audio-visual product. In fact, corporate films have been shown to increase brand awareness and conversion rates on an unprecedented scale.

When you’re trying to win new customers and clients, great testimonial videos are an excellent place to start. At 1 Minute Media, we produce some of the best testimonial videos in Australia. Our aim is to use innovative video editing techniques to drive more people to your business and secure the sales you need. When it comes to video testimonials for business purposes, we’re difficult to beat.

The 4 Main Reasons That Companies Use Testimonial Video

1. Video dramatically increases the Know, Like and Trust factors – the benefits of using written testimonials and case studies as a marketing tool for potential clients are well known. A testimonials video production amplifies the effectiveness by placing a real person right in front of the customer’s face.

2. Videos provide social evidence to future clients that you are a capable business and that you can reliably supply the products or service they are searching for.

3. Videos prove your credibility because customers can see that you know what you are talking about. Users attribute high quality marketing materials to high quality service – make it count.

4. Videos increase your sales – whether you use online marketing to drive new business to your website or whether you direct potential customers to your videos, a testimonial video is one of the most effective “conversion optimisation” tools on the market in 2014. Visitors to your website want to be able to make a decision to choose your company. Testimonials make this decision easy for them.

How can customer case study & testimonial videos help you win business?

When someone is looking to try out a new business, they usually have several options to choose from. Because of this, you need to convince them that you’re the best of those options. With a testimonial video, you give them an insight into how others have benefited from your services so far. After selecting your best customer testimonial videos, you can use them as a vital marketing tool across several advertising channels.

Using  testimonials to present your business track record gives you an instant boost in the viewers opinion. If you want to convert more visitors to customers, testimonials are the perfect video product to do this.

Your video production will give a great reference for your business – talk to us in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Why should you use our video testimonial service?

When it comes to testimonial video production in Brisbane, we’re difficult to beat. Each of our videos is designed to deliver a return on investment. We perform thorough and consistent research into what works, so we can deliver results that are innovative and designed to enthral your target audience.   

With our customer testimonial video production in Brisbane, you can drive more sales. We’ll take your client testimonials and translate them into a captivating format that others will enjoy watching. If you want to see some of our previous work, check out our blog or take a look at some of the testimonials that others have left for us. 

We understand that you may have some questions and we’re always happy to answer them. To speak with a member of our team or to get a quote, contact us.

We work throughout Australia’s east coast to deliver top-quality videos to local businesses. And we’re ready to help you – just ask us how. Call 1300 905 205

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