Company Profile Video Production Brisbane

Company Profile Video Production Brisbane

Do you need to engage more visitors to your website? The very first video you need is a “Company Profile” Video.

People do business with real people and companies using video achieve a huge advantage over their competitors for the following reasons.

If you are like many business owners you may be wondering where and how to start a video marketing campaign for your company. 1 Minute Media is here to take the pain out of these questions. We will get you up and running with a Company Profile Video within a week or less if you’d prefer.

We specialise in producing videos that profile your company to your potential customers in a way that helps them feel they are in the same room as you.

Whether you need a high end branding video or a video to explain exactly what it is you do, we will provide you with the pre-production advice to ensure that your objectives are met. And the best part is that it is an easy process for you.

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What is a company profile video?

A company profile video is a short, dynamic film that promotes your business. Music, sound and footage combine to get your message across, letting your audience know who you are, what you do, and why they should choose you over your competitors.

As well as a business video that serves as a company profile, you can use your company profile video for advertising. A valuable addition to your content marketing strategy, you can share your profile film with your target audience and publish it online. You can expect increased traffic to your site, resulting in more leads and sales.

Why do you need a company profile video?

People remember video more than still pictures or text. If it’s done the right way, by professionals, your company profile video will make your brand recognisable and memorable. Your video can be formulated to evoke emotion, sympathy, happiness or laughter, and that way, you’ve made an impression on your audience.

In addition, once your video is published online, it can be easily found by potential customers any time of night or day – it won’t get lost or thrown away like a traditional brochure.

Why should you choose 1minutemedia?

You will use your company profile film as a marketing tool and you want it to look professional. Potential clients, investors and anyone who is considering dealing with your business will be able to see your film, and you want to make an impactful a first impression. For this reason, you will want to use skilled video marketers in Brisbane, like 1minutemedia, to make sure you get the job done right.

What can you expect from us?

As online video production specialists in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we are experts in video advertising. To begin with, we provide pre-production advice. We want to ensure your business video will meet your expectations and your objectives. We plan the right video for you according to your business, product, service and target market, and then we get to work producing it.

When you’re happy with the result, we publish it online to YouTube, Vimeo, or other social media platforms, as well as TV or cinema,  if relevant.

For professional company profile video services in Brisbane, choose 1minute media. Contact us today for a quick quote and discover how to get started.

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