5 Reasons to Use Video Marketing in 2021

What are the 5 main reasons to invest in a video marketing strategy in 2021?

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  1. 72% prefer video over text when it comes to researching a service or product
    Smartinsights.com 2019
    Possibly the most effective way to test this statistic is to ask yourself if you prefer video over text, or a combination? Have you recently researched a service or product by watching a video? I have, and although sometimes I like to read text, I certainly love to absorb information through a well designed and to the point video. How about you?
  2. 64% more customers buy after viewing a video
    Forbes.com 2017
    This stat follows naturally on from our first stat – when the majority prefer to do their research by viewing video over reading text, the majority will go on to buy after viewing video.
  3. 80% of marketers say that video increases dwell time on their websites.
    Wyzowl.com Research 2019
    Given Google’s most recent ranking update, that some are calling “March 2019 Core Update” the concept of “Dwell Time” has become crucially important for business to maintain a position on Google. Dwell time, as the name suggests, is the length of time that visitors stay on a site. Sites that don’t engage visitors will experience rapid drops in their dwell time and their position on Google. The great news is that the best solution to immediately increase dwell time is…video. Engaging video that responds to your customers needs.
  4. 83% of marketers believe that video is growing in importance
    Demandmetric.com 2018
    With more marketers believing that video is going to become more important, it’s increasingly important to starting your experiments now to find types of videos that work for your brand to ensure you have an effective strategy for your business.
  5. 53% of all consumers and 66% of millennials engage with brands after viewing a marketing video in their social media feeds.
    Brightcove.com 2018
    You may have noticed the proliferation of video on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. The video marketing phenomena is growing and has already reached a tipping point of preference for consumers.You have a beautiful product or essential service and know that words and pictures are not enough to show it off?

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