5 Reasons That Your Business Needs a Corporate Profile Video

People purchase from people and video is the only marketing that can deliver your personality to your clients.

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Following are the top 5 benefits of a Corporate Profile Video

  1. 80% of visitors to your website will watch your video.This is a clear indication of how far both technology and consumer preferences have advanced in the last decade.  Websites that consist of text and still image only are being left behind in 2014. Your customers are watching video
  2. Visitors will stay on your website longerOn average visitors to websites with video content stay for six minutes. Having viewed a brief profile video, visitors are more likely to stay and continue their research on your website.
    This statistic contrasts sharply with the amount of time, on average, that visitors stay on websites without video – just 60 seconds and they are gone!
    This is simply because video creates greater engagement while demanding less effort of your audience.
  3. Building your brand and owning your share of the market has become easy with video.A simple, but beautifully constructed “Company Profile” video has replaced the “Corporate Brochure”
    Your brand, your message, the value that you offer to your clients can all be conveyed in seconds via video.
  4. Build trust with your company profile videoIf there is one word that can define the difference between success in business and failure, it is “trust.” Great businesses are built on this factor. Visitors to your website become customers for one reason – they trust you.
    Video builds instant trust effortlessly.
  5. Company Profile Videos convert more website visitors to clientsIn the age of information every aspect of marketing is measurable and this is great news for business owners.  A startling figure, measured by CISCO USA, is that 64% of your website more visitors are more likely to purchase your product or service after viewing an effective preview video.
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Kathy Moran

About the author:

“5 Reasons That Your Business Needs a Corporate Profile Video” was written by Kathy Moran from 1 Minute Media.

Bio: Kathy is a new media entrepreneur and co-founder of 1 Minute Media. 1 Minute Media is a specialist Sydney Video Production Agency and has provided thousands of strategic video campaigns for greater engagement, conversion and business growth.

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