3 Steps to Optimising your Videos on YouTube


Everyone loves YouTube – your clients and Google included.

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Why Use YouTube To Host Your Videos?

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google?
  • As a Google product, YouTube videos are given preference in Google searches. Google ranks video at approximately 50 x the value of text alone.
  • Uploading and marketing your videos on YouTube can help give your content visibility in both YouTube and Google search.

Optimise Your Videos Metadata: Ie Title, Descriptions And Tags

Heard of metadata but not sure exactly what it is?

It’s more simple that it sounds: Metadata is all the information you enter about a video to help define the subject of a video. In terms of YouTube, the metadata is the titledescriptions and tags of your videos.

Optimising these three componentss of your video content will help rank your videos in both Google and YouTube. For a great example of optimised metadata on YouTube, we’ll take a look at the Zappos YouTube channel.

How Can You Optimize Your Metadata Like Zappos?

1. Titles – Use A Key Phrase That People Will Find When They Search

Write a concise, descriptive title using key phrases that people would search to find your video.

In the above example, Zappos chose to title their video 5 Ways to Cuff Your Jeans! as a means of making viewers with style questions aware that Zappos is here to help style your clothing as well as offer some for sale. The title is more likely to be found by someone not searching for Zappos specifically, but more so for someone looking for help styling jeans. Zappos used the title of the video to help illustrate the video’s purpose of providing a service to viewers.

2. Make Use Of Your Video’s Description

Each of your videos should have a lengthy description of what the video’s content is all about. In this case, Zappos could have been lengthier in its description of this video but nonetheless they describe the contents of the video using similar keywords they used in the title.

One thing Zappos did correctly was include a URL at the very beginning of their description of this video. Always include a relevant URL to your website, whether it is a specific page or just the homepage of your website, so your viewers can find the corresponding information from your video on your company’s website.

Following the URL, include your most important keywords in the first few sentences of your description because some of your description. This is because depending on the length, gets hidden behind the show more tab. Aim to have at least a 250 word description using key phrases you’ve researched for the title of the video. Remember to keep your videos balanced with use of key phrases, while remaining natural.

3. Add Tags To Your Videos

Adding ten to twenty tags per video is an ideal way to make use of keywords relevant to your video but that couldn’t naturally fit in your title or description. Each tag should be a word or phrase (use mostly phrases), that are relevant to the content of the video as well as the ways in which you predict users would discover such a video. Follow Zappos examples of how to tag your videos with their use of keywords like how tohow to dress2014 fashionwhat to wearhow to cuff your jeans etc.

Why Is Your Video’s Metadata A Beneficial Aspect Of Your YouTube Strategy?

Correctly optimising your videos title, description and tags is an important way to help YouTube and Google’s search algorithm determine the subject of your video and help it rank in the search results for relevant searches. The metadata is only a small piece of the puzzle and will only help take your videos to the next level if you’ve got quality content to share with your audience.

Optimising your metadata helps get your videos discovered by a relevant audience more likely to watch your video. The more views a video gets in a short time period of time, the higher it will rank for a variety of key phrases related to its subject. All and all, the first step to your YouTube strategy should be to follow Zappos in the steps described above and optimize your quality video content from the beginning.

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Bio: Kathy is a new media entrepreneur and co-founder of 1 Minute Media. 1 Minute Media is a specialist Sydney Video Production Agency and has provided thousands of strategic video campaigns for greater engagement, conversion and business growth.