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“I ONLY use 1 minute media for my business video production now.
The quality is TV standard without the TV production prices.”

Darren Palmer, Celebrity Judge “The Block” Channel 9

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1 Minute of Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words

This now famous statement about video was made by Dr James McQuivey of Forrester Research. Dr McQuivey calculated this value by using the logic that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and video contains between 27 and 30 picture frames per second. The phrase demonstrates the superior power of video to instantly convey a…


5 Reasons to Use Video Marketing

In this blog we look at the five vital statistics of video marketing. Video brings your business to life 64% more customers buy after viewing a video Video is the fastest growing marketing medium in the history YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Videos produce more sales. Video builds businesses.You have…


Top Tips for Video Marketing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; well a video must be worth at least a million.


Multiply Yourself with Video Marketing – Corporate Video Production Sydney

Do you ever wish you could replicate yourself so that you could get more done in your business


How to use Video Email Signatures for more Video Views

People prefer to do business with people – we deliver You to your clients inbox!


What are the top 5 reasons to use web video production in your marketing?

Are you, like many business owners in Melbourne and Sydney, struggling to get new clients from your website? Web video production will drastically improve this and these are the main reasons:

1. Corporate video production companies increase purchases by 64%

That’s the increase of purchases made by visitors to websites with web video compared to websites without (Cisco Research).

This statistic speaks for itself. Text bores. Video sells.
Whether you offer a service or product, whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, your clients love video. Presentations are second only to face to face meetings for presenting your product.

2. Know, Like and Trust Factors

Consider the last product or service that you purchased. Did you know, like and trust the company that you purchased from? These essential components for business are greatly amplified by web videos.

Audio-visual communication gives potential clients lasting impressions of your company and moves the viewer rapidly along the sales process.

3. 24/7

That’s when your potential clients are searching the web for your business. Audio-visual presentations and testimonials work around the clock to sell your products or services.

Your prospects want to research your business in their own time. This is one of the great benefits of the internet age for businesses and customers alike. It may be 4pm on a Sunday afternoon or 1am on Thursday morning. Your prospects don’t expect you to be on call 24/7 but your product, company profile, your property, or your conference highlights – these marketing tools never sleep.

4. Get found online

Have you heard that web video is great for your website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? The reason is credibility.

Google’s business model is based on presenting the most credible match when people enter a search into their browser. Since video is more credible than text and images alone, Google weighs it at approximately 50 times greater than text and images.

In addition to the credibility factor, Google purchased YouTube. Therefore, YouTube productions are highly favoured by Google in their search engine results.

5. Your clients love video

Currently video accounts for over 50% of web traffic – in fact, visitors stay onsite for an average of six minutes. This compares to visitors staying less than a minute on average on websites without dynamic media.

Your clients and potential clients love to research business web videos. Often you have only one shot when potential clients are searching for a service or product. Create greater engagement and more customers today.